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Just as the military and other interests in Egypt used the young revolutionaries as a front to win world sympathy for essentially a military coup, the cause of the Libyan rebels trying to take back their country from an oppressive tyranny has been… Continue reading

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Is Canada Going to Follow the U.S. Over the Cliff In Its Upcoming Election?

UPDATE WITH TWO DAYS TO GO: Looks Like Canada Will Not Go Over The Same Cliff Latest polls show some very interesting developments in the conservative v non conservative block . Mainly votes ha… Continue reading

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The Fisherman and the Whale:Tale of a Disconnected Legislative System

In the course of my 30 year career in public service deeply immersed in the making of law and regulation..looking to law and regulation to solve the social and economic problems to which my work was addressed …it became obvious that every law is a… Continue reading

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Hillary’s Betrayal of The Egyptian Revolutionaries

UPDATE: Decmber 8,2011 AND THE BETRAYAL CONTINUES Unhappy ( as we all knew way back when would be the case) with the Muslim victories in the recent election and especially the demands for removal of “their man”, the President and Mrs. Clinton, are… Continue reading

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Egypts Youth Now Stand Alone

Only weeks after the hearts and minds of the world stood with Egypt’s youth in Tahir square, it is easier to find discount air fare to Egypt than to find out what has really happened,.what is likely to happen with government reorganization. Egypts… Continue reading

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