Just as the military and other interests in Egypt used the young revolutionaries as a front to win world sympathy for essentially a military coup, the cause of the Libyan rebels trying to take back their country from an oppressive tyranny has been hijacked and used to serve other interests…or so it appears.  According to many sources, the rebels did not welcome or want or seek a no-fly zone..They don’t want any outside involvement in their civil war and they certainly don’t want control of their country by foreign  interests as a price for any aid they may receive. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/03/08/libya-oil-grab-disguised-as-humanitarian-assistance/.  So when we hear now of “rebel support” for this or that it is not clear  who those people are r who is speaking for the rebels.It seems very clear, if anyone takes the time to examine the record for themselves that EU, U.S.. Chinese and Canadian oil  interests, not an urgent  need for humanitarian assistance ,is at the root of our insistent involvement in Libya.  A look at the  history of significant recent oil events in Libya makes it  almost impossible to conclude anythings else. It definitely seems to be about continued conrol over the production and pricing of Libyan oil.

 U.S.oil  companies have been deeply rattled since 2009 when it first seemed posisble Libya might actually throw them out. (http://www.forbes.com/2009/01/22/libya-gaddafi-oil-biz-energy-cx_ch_0122libya.html. Canadian company Verenex had just before that discovered a hugely productive  oil field west of Tripoli . A Chinese company and Verenex had reached an agreement on sale at $10/share that was overtaken by  Libya itself at $7 per share through excercise its own first option.http://www.energydigital.com/Libya-s-oil-firm-eyeing-Verenex-Energy_19710 Is it possible the events leading up to “Nato involvement” in Libya were really an attempt to thwart Libya’s efforts to control it s own resources?   Are   we in the center of all this to protect U.S. oil interests who fea nationalization of Libyan oil?  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wikileaks-files/libya-wikileaks/8294933/A-BRIGHT-SPOT-CANADAS-VERENEX-STRIKES-OIL-IN-LIBYA.html Are our European allies who depend on Libyan oil supplies antying up  to pay their share of the cost of maintaining control over Libyan oil? If our  European allies  no longer have sufficient military infrastructure to take on issues like this for themselves , are they at least paying us for use of our military  resources?.  All of the images on American media showing the rebels with jack knives and sticks seem  intended to win public support  for an obvious plan, already agreed to by Obama , to arm the rebels. Is it to restore U.S., European and Canadian cpntrol of Libya’s oil ?  .  Do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

The tremendous political potential of the internet has been laid out for us to use and explore.  Any of us who just know in the ground of our being  that what we have been told about our involvement in Libya just makes no sense….what we see reported on nightly news feels  like it is all about manipulating us into submission and consent. can arm ourselves with facts,.determine for ourselves what the truth is and  speak to that.  We need to start informed conversations about the truth and press to have these stories covered on network  and cable news and by the AP and Reuters feeding news papers around the world.  We need to confront our elected leaders with these truths and hold their feet to the fire. Demand  that  the U.S.  Stop interfering in a foreign civil war for the sake of U.S. and EU oil interests.  The money already spent by the US, nearly 1/2 $ billion in about two weeks is continuing to flow out at the rate of $100 million per day.  Don’t we need those  dollars here in our local communities to keep Head Start going, to help us in our local communities recover from the hell Wall Street’s follies have left us in?


Cove Meadow March 31, 2011


Update April 1.. others  I see have concluded the same thng..this site has many very informative posts and links http://wildlifenews.co.uk/2011/another-illegal-war-for-oil-begins/comment-page-1/#comment-192


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Lead Hazards and Abatement Technologies in Construction: A Risk Management Approach CPCU Journal 1997 Employee Leasing: Liability in Limbo Risk Management June 1 1997 Environmental Audit Privilege and the Public interest Risk & Insurance Managing Risk For Loss Prevention & Cost Control, April 1997 Asbestos:Holes In Abatement Policies Need To Be Plugged, Lloyd’s Environmental Risk International, May 1993 Editor Published Letters Evironmental Risk Management Beware of Facile Policies Like Fetal Protection Business Insurance 1995(?) 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  1. I just read all of the middle eastern newspaper accounts of this event and as always the gaps in reporting create a wrong impression.Neither this report nor Richard Engels live report which I just finished watching mentions that all who died died of smoke inhalation from the fires set. The omission of this creates the impression that they were assassinated by Libyan citizens our country had defended and aided. It creates in fact an impression that all Muslims are extremsits..The story correctly reports that the film was a factor..that is widely acknowledged in all the reputable papers of record in the middle east but it fails to mention that there had been an earlier protest involving violence at the embassy over the shooting of the Al-Qaeda second in command..a Libyan.Also none of the U.S. media coverage clearly distinguishes that these are loyalists to the Qadaffi regime. to the faction that lost what was a civil war ( not a rising up of people seeking democracy and freedom as portrayed in U.S. media). I have been researching and studying Libya since the beginning of our involvement to topple Qadaffi.To me the failure to make this distinction in U.S. Press & media coverage leaves the impression that the Libyans we helped have turned against us..which is not at all the case.What they have done though to the consternation of all the big oil interests, especially those fighting for control of the massive new oil reservoir at the heart of our intervention is continue Qadaffi’s basic policy of nationalizing Libyan oil..of not allowing outside exploitation and of insisting on profits and control to the Libyan people.All very inconvenient to the petroleum interests who orchestrated this intervention to end Qadaffi’s oil nationalization program ( see my blog at posterous for more on the history leading up to the Libyan intervention), .I fear the way this event is being presented is somehow a pre cursor of further U.S. efforts to quelch Libyans from any interference with foreign interests in their oil.

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