Charter For A Global Democracy

We the People of the World

(1)Recognize that we are a world community and that all nations jointly, severally and singly have a duty to safeguard the health of the planet and all it’s peoples , to preserve the planet for those yet unborn.

2)Recognize the sanctity and dignity of every human life; value every human life ..All persons have an inherent and inalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness without fear of persecution  for race, religion,age , or  gender

(3)Recognize that the world’s oceans, its air, and it’s atmosphere belong not just to all of us but to all future generations and we as a global community have a duty to maintain the health and vitality of these global natural resources

(4) Affirm that no nation may undertake , or allow to be undertaken , any production of goods or extraction and processing of natural resources that degrades or threatens the degradation of the waters or air of other nations

(5 )Affirm that global interests require a world banking system and a world commodities markets  that  are transparent, ethical, and based in fair trade and commerce and which curb or strictly limit speculation and exploitation .

(6) Affirm that a fair wage, safe and healthful working conditions and freedom from exploutation, especially the exploiuttaion of children are an essential cornerstone of a free world.

(7) Affirm that we as a global community have an obligation to feed all peoples of the world so that no one goes hungry; house all peoples of the world so that none is homeless;

(8) Affirm that we as a global community  have an obligation to insure that every person has access to literacy and to an education

(9) Affirm that we as a global community are jointly responsible for the safety health and preservation of all species who migrate and live beyond the  boundaries of nations.

(10)Affirm that we as a global community are jointly responsible for exploring and seeking to understand and protect the earth’s ecosystems

(11)Affirm that we as a global community are jointly responsible for  the elimination of poverty.


At TED and in other “e-salons” I have been particpating in many different conversations about modernising democracy,much that has been said points to the reality that we are a global community..not just because we hold in common the earths oceans, and all its creatures not bound by national borders, the air which sustains all life and  all the creatures of the earth unbound by national borders.    More and more it seems literally true that no one nation can meet its needs and serve the needs  and asipirations of its own people through its own laws or its own givernance..we are literally dependent on other nations to fulfill our own goals for our own land, our own people.   And yet we have no corresponding global structure that acknowledges that, through which nations can collaborate, deliberate and pusue a common good.  The U.N. isn’t that and wasn’t conceived for’s job is about preseventing war.  Same for NATO.  And the World Trade Organization  and the World Bank don’t really address themselves to the reality of global banking and global commodities markets.The job of witnessing for human rights has fallen to national non profit organization slike Human rights watch. Yet few are envisioning or talking about or thinking through what a Global Government might look like..what it would comit to and build its activities and endeavors around.  My “Charter For  Global Democracy” above is my first cut at defining the things that bind us as a global community and that we must work collectively on –the things that are beyond or own national borders and not in our own control as a nation.

Some years ago and contiuning there has been an international group of individuals and leaders also called Charter For A Global Democracy who wanted to ammend the United Nations Charter to recognize the need for collective global action in issues such as poverty genocide polution..their charter and more informtaion can be found at  The core values are an excellent staement of what makes us a global community and certainly the U.N. is an obvious choice. So far there are no nation signatories to the Charter For a Global Democracy.

The approach of the CAGB group is a good one..I think..perfect a statement of principles that define us a world community, win the support of influential global popular support in key countries would be the next step then the big hurdle would be bringing this ito nation level official consideration. 

The Sullivan principles were never a matter of national policy but they affected national policy and corporate policy throughou tthe wolrd through popular support and widespread publicity.  The same could happen, at least initially, for  the Charter For  Global Democracy. It could begin as a widely shared document of populist principles and initially be supported throug
h personal boycottt or goods and services  in violation of the global charter.




Unfortunately you have to join posterous ( no big money and theyt don’t hrass you) to comment, but I would love to have your ideas left here for others to see.


Lindsay Newland Bowker  Cove Meadow April 20, 2011.


About lindsaynewlandbowker

Bowker Associates, Science & Research In The Public Interest, is an independent non profit providing self initiated pro bono analysis on key issues with a potential for massive adverse environmental impact . Bowker Associates has been an internationally recognized and cited voice in analysis of the Samarco failure, its consequence, and the possibilties for recovery. In 2017 we partnered with Daveid M. Chambers, a world leader in responsible mining, in our third joint work on the economics of tailings failures. Bowker, L.N.; Chambers, D.M. In the Dark Shadow of the Supercycle Tailings Failure Risk & Public Liability Reach All Time Highs. Environments 2017, 4, 75. A peer reviewed journal published investigation of the cowboy economics of the supercycle and the resulting escalation on the number and magnitude of catastrophic failures. In 2016 we parnered with Dave Chambers in our 2nd joint work together looking at root causes of failures at a conference . Bowker, L.N.; Chambers, D.M. Root Causes of Tailings Management Failures: The Severity of Consequence of Failures Attributed to Overtopping 1915–2015. In Proceedings of the Protections 2016, Fort Collins, CO, USA, 14 June 2016. [Google Scholar] In 2015 Bowker Associates collaborated with geophysicist David M. Chambers to recompile global authoritative accounts of significant TSF failures in recorded history and to analyze these data in the context of global mining economics 1910-2010 ( Risk, Economics and Public Liability of TSF Failures, Bowker/Chambers July 2015) The third annual update of this globally referenced and used compilation was just released at Researchgate. ( In 2014 Bowker Associates commissioned globally respected geophysicist and hydrogeologist Dr. David Chambers to undertake two technical works: (1) development of technical go no go criteria for vetting mine applications tp:// and (2) a case study of Maine's Bald Mountain, an un mined low grade high risk VMS deposit demonstrating the efficacy and accuracy of two risk assessment tools in vetting mine proposals In Maine, Bowker Associates has deeply engaged and been a public voice in the Searsport DCP LPG Tank, The Cianbro proposal for a Private East West Toll Road, JD Irvings rolling pipeline of Bakken crude to its plant in St. John and review of Phase II plans at The Callahan Superfund site in Brooksville, Maine, and Maine's revisitation of mining in statute and regulation... Our only “client”: is always “the pubic interest”. Our model is to focus on only one or two issues at a time so that we have a substantive command of the relevant field as our foundation for ongoing engagement. Our core work is in envirommental risk management, science and technology as well as bringing any available “best practices” models to the fore. The legal and regulatory history/best models are also a major thrust of our work in building and evaluating public policy. Director/Principal Lindsay Newland Bowker, CPCU, ARM is a recognized expert in Environmental Risk Management., Heavy Construction Risk Management and Marine and Transit Risks and has more than 3 decades of engagement in buiding public policy. Appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo to New York State Banking Board (served 1986-1996); President New York Chapter Chartered Property and Casualty Insurers; Environmental Committee, Risk and Insurance Management Society; Director, Convenor/Co-Chair Bermuda Market Briefing "From Captive to Cats" Hamilton Bermuda. Published Articles of Significance The Risk Economics and Public Liability of Tailings Facility Failures, co-authored with David M. Chambers, July 2015 Beyond. Polarization: Superfund Reform in Perspective, Risk & Insurance Managing Risk For Loss Prevention & Cost Control (Jan. 24, 1997). Lead Hazards and Abatement Technologies in Construction: A Risk Management Approach CPCU Journal 1997 Employee Leasing: Liability in Limbo Risk Management June 1 1997 Environmental Audit Privilege and the Public interest Risk & Insurance Managing Risk For Loss Prevention & Cost Control, April 1997 Asbestos:Holes In Abatement Policies Need To Be Plugged, Lloyd’s Environmental Risk International, May 1993 Editor Published Letters Evironmental Risk Management Beware of Facile Policies Like Fetal Protection Business Insurance 1995(?) High Court Review May Increase Sale of Bank Annuities Business Insurances August 8, 1995 Professional Profiles Protecting the Big Apple’s Core Managing Risk For Loss Prevention & Control December 1996 Major Career Highlights First rigorous analysis showing Relationship Between declining ore grades and TSF Failures of increasing consequence ( July 2015) FIrst Documentation that Gentrification Has Same Impacts as Unassisted Displacement from Urban Renewal Sites Direted Court Ordered EIS of FHA Mortgage Scandal Created Nation's First Homeownership Program for Low Income People (SHIP) Created Earliest Geographic Information Systems Using Defense Technology Developed By IBM Designed and Conducted Parallel Census Count to Show Systematic undercount in minority neighborhoods Documented Bias in ISO Territory Rating Plans for Private Passenger Auto Insurance Using ISO's own Rating Techniques Demonstrated Inherent Bias in Mortgage Policies of Banks With Inner City Branches Demonstrated that NY Telephones Plan for Area Code Split To accommodate anticipated cell phone demand was not efficient and would exhaust in 5 years ( which it did) Undertook First Systematic Evaluation of Child Protective Services Caseload Using Multi Variate Analyic Techniques Developed Child Protective Caseload Management and Tracking System (CANTS) and directed implementation in 4 client states including Illinois, Florida and New York Created and Ran Office of Risk Management for NYC DEP the Nations largest Water & Sewer Authority . Designed, Created and Administered Nation's First Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP)for High Risk Tunneling Education Masters NYU Graduate School of Public Administration BSC New School For Social Research Maine Public Schools Deering High School
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One Response to Charter For A Global Democracy

  1. Lindsay Newland Bowker says:

    I am with you on the moral foundation part and you are persuading me that that the core value needs to be explicit and is indeed a universal statement in word s of the golden rule. Too many theological , philosophical and legal issues with simply referring to "the golden rule" and that phrase refers to and aruise from a christian tradition so could never be used in a world consitution.Also we are on adifferent page in the vision of world government. I saw it as an alliance of all nations of the wolrd, each prserving its soverign rights but subject to the limittaions of the global charter. As a first step from where we are now, I don’t see any other possibility.In effect ther isa defcato wolrd government now accountable to no one and to the soverignty of no nation. The creation and wokrking of the UN, the IMF, the Wolrd Bank, Nato, WTO etc. are that now.with no moral underpinning and noexpressed accountability to the peopls of the wolrd or to the soverignty of non controlling nations.We need something better and we need something doable and sellable.

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