CAMP DAVID: THE UPSHOT OF THE IMAGINARY EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION; A Total Unraveling of an Imaginary Middle East Peace?

UPDATE: May 19,201112 noon Richard Engel’s Warning: No 2 State Solution Will Lead To Disaster

In an exchange leading into MSNBC’s coverage of the Prseident’s Middle East talk ( which I am listening to in the background as I write this) respected on the ground journalist Richard Engel shocked Andrea Mitchell with an account that ran counter to what she had just said on the air following “offcial policy & briefings” from the White house.  The official party line,repeated by Mitchell, is that it would be unproductive to invest in furthering a two state solution as neither side is willing to negotiate.   Engle’s reply was in essence this is what the Arab wolrd is demanding and if it doesn;t happen and soon it could be disastrous  Mitchell was visibly shaken by Engel’s comments and in her state of dis composure blurted out ” But thats not whta we have been told”.  I wonder how much more we wil here from Richard Engel via MSNBC now thathe is speaking truth.

UPDATE: May 17,2011 Richard Engels Comments On Israel’s New Place in Peace Talks-

A few monents ago respected journalist Richard Engel made an interesting comment on Iseael’s place in the middle east, framing the issues attending Obama’s upcoming Niddle East visit.   Ricard Engel  wisely and I think acurately  observed..that it is nolonger just about Isarel & Palestine.. That it s now about Israel and the entire Arab world.

In that as Iisten in the background to President Obama as I type this his comments in the presence of King Abdullah of Jordan of a two state solution makes me wonder if hi sstratefy in the middle east, the message he carries in his visit there now, is taking full and proper account of Richard Engels astute and I think completeyt acurate assessment that it is now Isreal vs the whole of the arab world.


The details are yet unfolding and George Mitchell’s impeccabe discretion will no doubt mean we will not hear more from him on his reasons.. For me it is a major alarm..a major red flag  that Obama’s tstrategy in the middle east has failed and that George Mitchell was called into service under false pretesnes as some have said.  All eyes need to be on the Camp David Accord, the loss of Mubarak as   door diplomat and the rising anti-America, Anti Israel voices in Egypt.


The Folloiwing Wsa written a few weeks ago and  is still very relevant and of course is important background to Geoge Mitchell’s reisgnation today.. ( May 13, 2011)

:What is happening now in Egypt is so important for all of us to  understand .   The ruling military government in Egypt has asked a court to appoint Tariq al-Bishri  as the chair of the committee that will draft the Egyptian Constitution.  Why is that a problem? Well for a start he speaks  for a majority in Egypt who want the U.S. out of their country and who want an end to the Camp David Accord. “All the secular forces in Cairo are asking for a review of, or a break from, the relations with both Israel and the United States. The protagonist of the revolt, Mohamed ElBaradei, has said that Israel is the biggest threat in the Middle East. “Israel has signed a peace treaty with Mubarak, not with Egypt,” said the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Leftist Karama Party leader Hamdeen Sabahi proclaims the end of the “American-Israeli domination over Egypt.” And the generals in power have just asked a former judge of the State Council, the so-called “moderate islamist” Tariq al-Bishri, to chair the committee that will reform the Egyptian constitution. Praising the founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Mr. Bishri said that, against Israel, “all forms of resistance must be deployed, including violent resistance.”

America is in love with the idea that a beautiful people’s revolution has come about in Egypt through the social media. The mythology includes a notion that it is about pure democratic idelas and know all that stuff abou tfreedom of speech, freedom of religion?   It has become legend and no one has bothered to understand what really happened and what the implications are for wolrd peace. security. The imaginary revolution in Egypt..the publics great belief in it invented by folk too busy to stay really tuned in has allowed the real story to  to unfold in Egypt with few eyes on it.  I am grateful  there has been a “red alert” throughout all the main stream media today. but it has hardly been center stage.  Not even a mention at NPR ( whose front page features pictures of the royals and other more “popular” topics. Nothing at Democracy Now. An excellent background at this link including a very clear and I think correct analysis by Mort Zuckerman a few months ago of what this all means to the U.S.  .  Lots of very credible anaylysis pointing to this from the beginning but even those we trust the most..NPR and Public Broadcasting have let us down on this one.

The Muslim Brotherhood..who represent the real majority in Egypt ( the revolutionaries and the Muslim brotherhood are not one in the same) have come to the fore as one might expect and they have long  wanted  to bring about their vision which is not for a vibrant young modern democracy but an end to the Camp David Accord which has tenatively and expensively maintained a sort of Middle East Peace (. To the Muslim Brotherhood the Camp David Accord and Mubarak..his suppression of muslims are inexrticably linked…To get rid of Mubarak and keep the Camp David Accord makes no sense to them ( For those who wern’t yet born when the Camp David Accord was signed under Jummy Carter..Egypts critical strip is Gaza and the West Bank.)  The accord called for Palestinian self governance and a time frame for Israel to withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank.  One can hardly disagree that the Israeli have not really kept their end of the bargain.

Since we have continued to rely on and pay  handsomely for the maintenance of the Accord ( is it $1.4 billion a year we have been paying to Egypt and $1.5 billion to Israel..not explicity tied to the Accord bu
t generally acknowledge as what it takes to keep it in place.)

The Muslim Brotherhood used Friday prayer at Mosques throughout Egypt to call out the vote on a referndum the revolutionaries strongly opposed .  When the elections are held, very soon,  the Muslim Brotherhood will have a majority. and possibly succeed in ending the Camp David Accord.I am not sure we have looked to a back up plan and what is happening..what could happen next in Egypt could really unravel Middle East Peace.  Did I mention that thanks to the U.S. Israel has nuclear and state of the art strategic weaponry second only to the U.S. istelf.

What’s at stake in Egypy..and Israel. affects alll of us..We muust all stop look and listen..  We must find a way to  a new and lasting Peace in the middle East.  We must do it now.

An immediately the U.S. has to throw in the wild card they hold but it has to be the right card.  Does anyone have even the vaguest idea what that card might be?  What will we do? What can we do?.

 Cove Meadow April 26, 2011

UPATE 05/03/11–PALESTINIAN AGREEMENT A MOVE TOWARD END OF CAMP DAVID  This story today at Aljazeera reports on a multi fcation plaestininian agreement, in conslutaion with Egypt. N demcoubed it demanding a return to the path of peace with Israel



A link to a wikipedi summary of the 2000 Camp David Accord summit


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