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TAR SANDS TO PORTLAND? Across Maine To St. John The Real Risk.

Tar Sands to Portland? I don’t think so. Not crude-bitumen anyway(dilbit) like the western Trans Canada Pipeline. It would almost certainly be carrying refined tar sands synthetic crude or refined fuel product from Suncor’s Sarnia Ontario. That is… Continue reading

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Metallic Mining Disaster Looming From Reckless Mining Rules BY LUPC And DEP

Both DEP and LUPC are about to implement draft rules under specific provisions of Maine’s ill framed lobbyist written metallic mining statute that are nothing short of recklessly irresponsible. Both agencies completely lack experience in mining … Continue reading

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Maine’s East West Highway: The Sleeping Dragon

Thanks to some inherent problems, a vibrant network of well informed and deeply committed citizen activists, and some really excellent investigative journalism by Lance Tapley and Colin Woodard that brought light to truth not otherwise coming fort… Continue reading

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