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Contact : Lindsay Newland Bowker      Date July 27, 2018 Brazilian mining law wants foreign investment but not foreign owner control of its mineral resource extractions. From a liability point of view Brazilian law sets up a circular firing squad … Continue reading

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Share Holder Litigation Puts Spotlight On Environmental Risk

Madison Condon, JD, Fellow Earth Institute, Columbia University NY, NY   Dear Ms.  Condon:   Thank you for your stunning and seminal work accurately drawing the arc between massive investor losses and poorly developed mining projects  which manifest also in … Continue reading

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Samarco Mine Disaster – UN Experts Welcome Settlement Suspension and Call for a Timely & Equitable Resolution

The following text, in English and in Portuguese is as issued by the UN Special Procedures, Human Rights. They have been actively engaged and independently investigating and monitoring on the ground in Brazil since immediately after the disaster in November … Continue reading

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Brazil Initiates Environmental Crimes Investigation Against Vale, BHP and Samarco Officials On November 5th Tailings Dam Catastrophe

Fact is BHP know why it failed. They just cannot tell us until the lawyers have vetted the communications why they ignored their peer reviewers, their consultants, and their FNEAs until people were dead They had an FMEA PIG plot … Continue reading

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