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Maybe JD Irving Should Have Spent $1 million Evaluating the Financial Viability of Bald Mountain Instead Of Lobbying the Maine Legislature for Sanction To Pollute Groundwater

Complex CU-Deposit Financial feasibility:Arsenic Limits In Concentrates:Bald Mountain Interesting article on attainability of international concentrate standards on arsenic.  Another perhaps insurmountable challenge,  and certainly a great limitation on possibilities for, Maine’s Bald Mountain where arsenic levels present problems without solutions in other … Continue reading

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Metallic Mining Disaster Looming From Reckless Mining Rules BY LUPC And DEP

Both DEP and LUPC are about to implement draft rules under specific provisions of Maine’s ill framed lobbyist written metallic mining statute that are nothing short of recklessly irresponsible. Both agencies completely lack experience in mining … Continue reading

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