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Maybe JD Irving Should Have Spent $1 million Evaluating the Financial Viability of Bald Mountain Instead Of Lobbying the Maine Legislature for Sanction To Pollute Groundwater

Complex CU-Deposit Financial feasibility:Arsenic Limits In Concentrates:Bald Mountain Interesting article on attainability of international concentrate standards on arsenic.  Another perhaps insurmountable challenge,  and certainly a great limitation on possibilities for, Maine’s Bald Mountain where arsenic levels present problems without solutions in other … Continue reading

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A Huge Mistake to Make Last Sessions Failures This sessions Holy Grail on Maine Mining Rules

October 15, 2013  Oh NO!!!! Mc Cabe doesn’t get it yet..and does NRCM???  these legislative recommendations are NO FIX and not well informed http://www.nrcm.org/news_detail.asp?news=6719 *********** Neither LD 1302 or the joint letter from many legislators to DEP requesting that certain … Continue reading

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