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Mining Financial Risks Post-“Super Cycle” Point to Escalated & Unexamined Already Accrued Public Liabilities & Environmental Security Losses

Although this Ernst & Young report on “post super cycle” mining business risks speaks from the miners point of view, not from the environmental risk/public liability point of view, the economic realities presented here are what Bowker Chambers (2015) was pointing at … Continue reading

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The following is the introduction to the summary and conclusions section of a major paper we have been collaborating on with another and far more distinguished co-author who speaks mining truths always and only with humility and quietness. So chances … Continue reading

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JOBS AT BALD MOUNTAIN NEVER THERE:Bowker Associates Provided Saviello, Key Agency Officials & Key Legislators With Hard Evidence in August 2013

Senator Tom Saviello <> cc: Joan Welsh <>,  Ed Mazurek <>,  “Heather Parent, Director Policy, Office of the Commissione , Maine DEP” <>,  “Horn-Olsen, Samantha” <>,  Ralph Chapman <>,  Ben Chipman <>,  Emily Cain <>,  Katherine Cassidy <>,  Jeff McCabe <>, … Continue reading

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Something astonishing is happening in the Maine legislature.  On April 29th at 9:00 AM , LD1059, a bill ,  aptly titled “An Act To Protect Maine’s Environment and Natural Resources Jeopardized by Mining”  will almost certainly result in repeal of … Continue reading

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